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How to take a soil test

Soil tests should be a regular part of maintenance for everyone growing crops and grass in the Pacific Northwest. From farmers to hobby gardeners, to those who just want a nice lawn, a soil test will help ensure you get the most out of your land.

Soil tests, which are sold at most of our Country Store locations, can show you what micronutrients and macronutrients are missing from your soil. When you know what’s missing  you can balance your soil and achieve optimum growth.

For an informational video on how to take a soil test click here! David Youngquist, certified crop advisor and agronomist for Skagit Farmers Supply and Country Store, discusses the benefit of regular soil tests, as well as the best way to take a soil test.

How to take a soil sample:

Clean bucket
Clean mixing scoop
Soil probe or clean shovel

  • Walk in zip zag motion across your field, garden or lawn. Stop at random intervals to take a sample, avoiding low areas or winter feeding locations, which may have a different soil composition.
  • Either using a soil probe or a shovel, spade out a section of dirt. Ensure the probe or spade gets soil from at least eight inches deep, and is at least one inch wide. The sample, or “core,” should be a good cross section of the soil.
  • Dump the core into a clean bucket.
  • Gather about 10 core samples, or about one pint of soil, in your bucket. Using a clean spade or scoop, mix the soil so you create a homogenous sample.
  • Scoop soil into the soil sample bag provided with the Country Store test kit. Fill the bag and roll the top down, ensuring the sample is sealed properly. Fill out the information on the back of the bag and the test kit envelope. Mail the test kit in the provided envelope and await your results!Soil tests should be taken every three to five years to ensure you’re getting the most out of your land. 

Need help interpreting your results? Or wondering where to go from here? Take your soil test results to any Country Store location. Our associates will be able to help you find the right product to correct any nutrient deficiencies.

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