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LMF Digest 911®: Testimonials

LMF Digest 911® is a nutritional top dress to aid digestive health in equines, ruminants, and pets. It is used to support a healthy digestive function as well as a supplement for animals struggling from malnutrition but also maintaining a healthy weight. While most commonly known for digestive aid in horses and ruminants, many small pet owners are finding LMF Digest 911 to be an indispensable tool.

LMF Digest 911 has demonstrated effectiveness in promoting an overall healthy gut by enhancing nutrient absorption as well as providing gastrointestinal (GI) integrity and stability. The manufacturers also state it stimulates appetite, increasing digestion efficiency and reducing the potential of scouring (diarrhea).

Dog lover Dave Underwood, recounts a time his two-year-old German Shepherd needed relief – and fast. He used LMF Digest 911®, as he recounts:

“I took my dog to the dog park one Saturday afternoon, and for about two hours I let her run around with the other dogs. I let her drink some park water while she played; not long after we returned home I could hear her tummy rumbling, and thinking she needed to relieve herself, I took her out to the yard. Much to my surprise, she let loose with a watery stool that was enough to make the strongest stomach squirm. My first reaction was to blame her food, and I soon remembered she had not eaten since breakfast but drank a lot of the dog park water. I remembered I had a bag of LMF Digest 911® in my sales sample bag. I wiped her tongue with a small amount (about the size of a quarter), and within the hour, her tummy stopped rumbling and she was up perky and playful. She ate dinner that evening as if nothing was wrong. The next morning, she relieved herself as normal. I will forever recommend LMF Digest 911® as the go-to product prior to calling the veterinarian.”

For small animals, especially dogs, sweets and chocolates can lead to severe sickness or worse, and accidents can happen from time to time. Dog owner ReBecca Skow explains how she used LMF Digest 911® to help her cow dog Rosco during a time of emergency:

“Our cow dog ended up in the chocolate fondue leftovers and very sick one evening. At first, we were unaware of what had happened but our dog was lying on the garage floor very ill and refusing to get up or move. We soon discovered the evidence that led us to the chocolate fondue.

“With our work dog frothing at the mouth on the garage floor we wondered if he was going to make it or if a trip to the vet was going to be necessary. That is when we decided to grab our LMF Digest 911® and give it a try. He didn’t feel like eating, and even after we mixed in a tasty treat, he was not willing to try it.”

“We decided to force feed him a small bit and then take further steps if it didn’t help. I know it sounds too good to be true (we thought that too), but in under 30 minutes our dog was up and looking alive again. We offered him additional LMF Digest 911® and by the next morning you would have not known the incident happened.”

“We continue to use LMF Digest 911® because our cow dogs eat a lot of things around the ranch that they wished they hadn’t later. We also use LMF Digest 911® as a natural option for gut health in a few of our animals, including our chickens who love it, calves who may be struggling, and our horses as they need it.”


LMF Digest 911® as well as other LMF products are available at our local Country Stores. Please be sure to as our friendly associates for assistance and we wish you and your four legged family members happy, healthy lives!