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Planning Ahead and Keeping Pets Safe this Fourth of July!

Fourth of July pet safety

BOOM! The hallmark sound of a good 4th of July. Unfortunately, Sammy and Whiskers don’t always agree with our methods for celebrating Independence Day. Between the bottle rocket whistles, snapper crackers, and window shaking booms, you may be dealing with a rather anxious pet. In fact, the 4th of July is the number one day that pets go missing. Keep your pets safe and calm by planning ahead.

This 4th of July, let the Country Store help you keep your pets calm and safe throughout your celebrations. We carry a variety of stress relieving and anxiety suppressing products that can help make this Independence Day fun for everyone. Help Sammy and Whiskers relax by using some of NatureVet’s time-release dog chews and cat gels or try some of Calm Down’s stress relieving water additives. The combinations of chamomile, ginger, and other calming herbs will keep your furry friends relaxed all evening. If you have an extra anxious pet, consider using a Comfort Zone pheromone plug-in or spray to help create an environment of tranquility in your home. The Thunder Shirt can also be used in conjunction with other anxiety suppressing products for added comfort. Be sure to read all product labels and ask a Country Store associate if you have any questions.

Not sure if your pet is stressed or not by loud noises or changes in routine? Signs of stress can, at times, be hard to identify, however, some trademark signs of pet stress or fear can include; heavy panting, withdraw, hiding, tail tucking, trembling, reduced activity, and passive or active escape behaviors. If your pet exhibits one or more of these behaviors, consider giving one of the above products a try!

As a reminder, be sure all pets have up-to-date ID tags on their collars and up-to-date microchip information. For precautionary measures, keep anxious pets indoors, especially during times of increased firework activity.

The Country Store wishes you a happy and safe 4th of July this year!