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Posted April 8th, 2014

Humans have consumed the sweet honey produced by bees for hundreds of years, but these complex creatures do far more than create a topping for our toast. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that bees pollinate 80 percent of flowering crops, which amounts to about one third of everything we eat. Bees also pollinate much… Read More »

Posted April 2nd, 2014

According to the Professional Law Care Association, American homeowners will spend about $6.4 billion on lawn care this year. However, keeping grass green and weeds at bay doesn’t have to be a full time job. If you prep your lawn properly in spring, you’ll enjoy minimal maintenance throughout the summer. Here are a few tips… Read More »

Posted March 10th, 2014

While gardens lay dormant in the cold winter months, gardeners can still get their hands dirty, by starting plants indoors from seed. Starting plants from seed allows the gardener ultimate control over the environment their plants will be exposed to. It is also an economical way to fill a garden with beautiful flowers and vegetables… Read More »

Posted March 3rd, 2014

It’s the time of year when those cute and fuzzy chicks start showing up at your Country Store. Although they are irresistibly cute, it is important to remember that chicks require special care to get them from fuzzy pets to healthy, happy egg-layers. If you are considering raising chicks this year, read on for tips… Read More »

Posted February 14th, 2014

February is National Pet Dental Month. Statistics show that up to 80 percent of dogs and cats over the age of three suffer from dental disease. Bad dental hygiene causes more than just bad breath. Dental disease can cause a number of serious health issues for pets, including infections that can lead to kidney failure… Read More »

Posted February 12th, 2014

We may be facing six more weeks of winter, but now is the best time to start thinking about spring planting. There are a number of things that should be done in the winter to prepare your garden for planting this spring. Here is a quick guide to preparing for a successful planting season. The… Read More »

Posted January 12th, 2014

This month’s featured product is Home Fire PREST Logs. Home Fire recycles wood dust and scraps from lumber mills and turns it into super-efficient fuel that heats homes all over the world. The wood is compressed so tightly that one Home Fire log has a density that is more than double that of a typical… Read More »

Posted January 12th, 2014

When winter puts a chill in your bones, it’s important to think about what the cold might also be doing to your home. Luckily, there many simple and inexpensive ways to protect your home from the harsh winter chill. Try these techniques to keep you home safe, cozy and warm all winter long. Heating your… Read More »

Posted December 16th, 2013

Horses need special care during winter months. Often, the combination of inclement weather and less daylight makes it hard to get things done around the barn. That’s why autumn is a great time to get a head start on preparing your property and horses for the cold months ahead. Here are a few ideas of… Read More »

Posted November 16th, 2013

Regularly trimming your dog’s nails is a necessary part of raising a healthy and happy pup. Without proper trimming, nails can crack and become infected. Most groomers offer nail trimming for a fee, but with the right tools and some practice, clipping your dog’s nails is something you can easily tackle in on your own…. Read More »